About Medintec

Medintec was established in Israel in 2000 by experts from the insurance and healthcare industries. In 2008, MedinClaim was selected by the Israeli National Insurance Institute to serve as an outsourcer, collecting and reviewing all medical bills, automatically processing them with MedinClaim (including repricing), and issuing payment orders. Since then, MedinClaim has been delivering double digit savings in payouts every year (in addition to operational saving) in a healthcare industry renowned for its cost efficiency. The MedinClaim experience can be valuable in other international markets, and in the US in particular, helping payers improve their loss ratio and gain a competitive advantage.

Originally an OMIP for large insurance organizations, Medintec chose to develop its own claim processing tools based on its deep understanding and all-around expertise in the field of medical claims. The result of this development is the unique, fully automated platform, MedinClaim, the product of decades of accumulated experience in a hybrid environment combining socialized and private medical services. MedinClaim was designed to accommodate all the intricacies and regulatory requirements of a mixed system of private and public payers and providers.

Medintec clients include, among others:


  • The Israel National Insurance Institute
  •  AIG
  •  Agricultural Insurance
  •  Pool Act Insurance
  •  Shlomo Insurance
  •  Eliahu Insurance
  •  Menora Insurance
  •  IDL Insurance
  •  Herzog-Fuchs-Neeman Law offices