Automatic expert claims adjustment

technology_picMedintec develops and markets innovative software solutions for streamlined medical claims processing, bill auditing, and reporting. Medintec’s unique, fully automated platform, MedinClaim, is the product of decades of accumulated experience and proprietary software development.

MedinClaim uses artificial intelligence tools to capture the know-how of human experts and translate it into algorithms. The result is an expert system that handles the claims adjudication process from A to Z, from the time the claim is submitted until the bill is paid and the EOB letter mailed out.
At the heart of MedinClaim is a unique centralized database of EMRs that accumulates current and historical medical records about the insured. Processing is carried out by a rules engine that applies thousands of algorithms to check the medical, administrative, and contractual aspects of each claim and bill against a collection of user-defined rules.

Automated processing with MedinClaim realizes significant savings improvement in loss ratio and a reduction in both payouts and processing costs.
Accurate processing ensures compliance.
Fraud and overbilling detection reduces payouts.
High throughput saves processing costs.
A single solution addresses all aspects of medical claim processing.
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