The MedinClaim software advantage

The MedinClaim software advantage

Providing user-defined, sophisticated cross-organizational processing, logical checking and medical algorithms together with aggregated data enabling actuarial calculations and underwriting, MedinClaim provides the following unique advantages:

Substantial Direct & Indirect Financial Savings average of  25% via Reductions in:

  • Claims payments:
  • Medical expertise costs
  • Human resources
  • Handling costs

In addition, MedinClaim unique ability to view, process, cross-reference and manage such a vast range of insurance categories allows for substantial savings on complex, time consuming correlations between separate insurance packages.

Increased Efficiency, Accuracy, Consistency & Transparency via:

  • Early detection of fraud
  • Detection of inappropriate billing
  • Reduced paper-based claims processing
  • Consistent handling of all claims according to customer-specific guidelines and processes.
  • Complete data synergy of multiple medical cases under different covers:
    • Cross-organization sharing of captured and stored data
    • Economies of scale
    • Accurate data for statistical, actuary, trends analysis and new product development
  • Enhanced workflow control
  • Process consistency

Optimized Medical Claims Processes:

  • Enhanced operational effectiveness and efficiency via continuous and automated monitoring of medical claims and bills
  • Rapid, automatic retrieval of all insured/claimant events
  • Quick evaluation and settling of medical claims
  • Faster, more accurate overall response time to customer inquiries