Unique Advantages

MedinClaim offers a breakthrough solution for fraud and over-billing detection, consistently achieving substantial savings on payouts and operational costs. It ensures that only bills matching the insurer’s benefits, provider agreements, and reasonable standards of care are approved.

MedinClaim enables payers to modernize their claim processing operation while improving customer satisfaction. It achieves:

  • Reduction in payout, response time and administrative costs
  • Increase in fraud detection, efficiency, control, transparency, and profitability

MedinClaim is easy to use, versatile, and customizable

It is ideal both as a stand-alone product and as an easy-to-integrate add-on solution to existing legacy systems. MedinClaim is fully compatible with a wide range of external information systems.

The user-friendly and fully intuitive system does not require technical programming and can be quickly and easily customized by the end user to specific company policy, regional regulations, and changes in medical guidelines.